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PACES offers wraparound services for children identified as having a Severe Emotional Disturbance or SED. These services bring the youth, his/her family and the family’s support system together so everyone is working toward a common goal: the youth’s recovery and improved quality of life for the youth and family. The support system may include teachers, grandparents, ministers or others identified by the family as important persons in your life.

Emotional and behavioral health services
Our PACES therapists are licensed professionals who offer short-term, focused treatment of eight to 12 sessions for youth and/or their families. Therapy is intended to reduce symptoms and increase coping with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, suicidal thoughts or family issues.
Case management
PACES case managers work with youth and their family members at home, in school and in other community settings. They help coordinate services and link you with community resources, school programs and other services offered by PACES. Their goal is to help kids learn the skills necessary to reach their goals.
Psychiatric services and Medicine Clinic
Physicians and advanced nurse practitioners make up our psychiatric staff dedicated to helping youth and their families with medical support services and needed medications.
Groups to learn and model social skills
Destination Imagination is our program that provides group activities for youth to learn the skills to get along with other children and adults.

Services to the community
Emergency shelter
PACES operates an emergency shelter to serve youth in police protective custody due to abuse or neglect.
Exchange and visitation program
PACES works in partnership with the Wyandotte County District Court to provide a neutral, safe site for supervised visits involving families going through the courts due to divorce or custody cases. A parent can leave a child for a supervised visit with another parent.

Specialized services
SED Waiver
When a child is at risk of state hospitalization and the family's income exceeds Medicaid limits, the Waiver is available based on two clinical assessment tools, the child's income and the child's meeting criteria of a serious emotional disturbance (SED). Wraparound facilitators coordinate referrals, develop the Waiver plan of care according to Kansas Health Solutions (KHS) standards, and work with the team as a whole to make sure needs of kids and parents are being met. Specialized services include parent support and attendant care.
Adolescent outpatient substance abuse treatment
Staff in this program works with youth and families that need help because of the use of alcohol and other substances.

Parenting classes
PACES offers free Parenting Classes that provide support and education. We also will give presentations in community settings about behavioral and emotional health issues.

Pharmacy services
Genoa Healthcare has an onsite pharmacy at the 47th Street location through which prescription medicines can be ordered.

Affordable services
We accept a variety of payment sources for PACES services.
Private health insurance or Medicaid.
A Medicaid Waiver Program for kids who qualify.
PACES will not deny crisis services due to inability to pay. PACES offers services to youth, ages 3 to 18, and their families, regardless of race, color, religion, disability, gender or national origin.