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Getting Started
Call 913-563-6500 and ask for the Call Center
Call Center staff will ask you for your name, address, telephone numbers, insurance/Medicaid information (if you have this available), and the birth date of your child or teenager.
It will also be helpful if you briefly describe what problems your child or your family are experiencing. This will allow the Call Center staff to connect you with a therapist matched to your needs for your intake assessment.
Next, the Call Center will schedule an appointment for you and your child to come to an initial assessment. Generally, we can schedule the appointment within seven to 10 days; in an emergency, the same day.
Staff will ask you to bring in your HealthWave, Medicaid or insurance card.
Entry Forms
Notice of Privacy Practices Aviso de Prácticas de Privacidad
Service Entry Authorization Autorizaciones de ingreso de servicio
Authorization to Release Confidential Information Autorizacion para Divulgar Informacion Confidencial
Meet for an intake assessment
Your first appointment will be with a licensed therapist who understands challenges kids and families face and who will obtain background information to better understand the concern you and the child have.
The appointment will last approximately 1 to 1½ hours.
By the conclusion of the appointment, you, your child and the therapist will have developed a plan to begin to address your concerns and needs.
The therapist will refer you to services offered through PACES. Click here to see the full list of Services available.
We’ll also connect kids and families with other helpful community resources.