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Children's Mental Health Services

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May 10 is Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

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PACES offers wraparound services for children identified as having a Severe Emotional Disturbance or SED.

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We have a few website resources that can help you. Here you can find websites for general information about kids’ emotional and behavioral health, specific concerns such as disorders like ADHD or bullying, parent support, and various Kansas resources.

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Here you can find all available positions across our Wyandot, Inc. family of organizations: PACES, Wyandot Center, RSI (Rainbow Services, Inc.), Kim Wilson Housing and Wyandot, Inc. All agencies within the Wyandot, Inc. family organizations are equal opportunity employers.

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Robert's Place Children's Emergency Shelter

Robert’s Place is PACES Children’s Emergency Shelter serving kids in Wyandotte County, Kansas. We provide a home-like environment for children when they need it the most. Learn more